PLOTTER pen created with Japanese Craftsmanship

When the paper was invented in 200 AD, it was the technology of its time. The writing instruments might have started as simple as a stick of charcoal, a necessity in passing down knowledge and bridge communication through paper. PLOTTER ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils were created with the origin of such tools in mind.

The “Ballpoint Pen” and “Mechanical Pencil” are PLOTTER brass pens that combine advanced Japanese technology with sophisticated design to create the essential writing instrument that inspires creative thinking when held and written. Both pens use a rotating feeder to ensure beautiful gestures and to prevent misplacement of the lead. A simple twist extracts and retracts the nib. The entire brass barrel is knurled to provide both a comfortable and non-slip grip no matter how you grip it. The low center of gravity design allows the weight of the pen body and the nib to move forward naturally without effort, making it easy to hold and write smoothly.

Behind the ultimate simplicity of the form of these pens is a genuine story of how it is made. We collaborated with Japanese pen craftsmen who continue their relentless pursuit of high quality and product development.

Brass, a material that stands the test of time

It is PLOTTER’s mission to create a tool that will stand the test of time and become familiar with the person who holds it. To create a pen that would live up to that vision, we inevitably gravitated towards the material of brass. To balance the weight of the pen and how it feels when held in the hand, we did not compromise on finding the best brass material for this purpose.

We first came upon the brass rods standing against the wall of the factory, smooth and elegant. What if this is used as the body of the pen? Although the luster is beautiful, we wonder if the mirror finish might be slippery and not easy to hold in our hands. Thus, we decided to apply a “knurling” to the whole pen body. We were told that it is not common to have knurling applied to the entire pen body in the stationery world. It is usually only applied to the tip of the pen for a better grip and is much affordable to do so.

However, we thought about how different people hold pens differently based on situation, mood, or their gripping habits, and know we must realize our vision of making a pen for everyone and how they use a pen. We requested the craftsmen to create an original jig for us to use in this design. This made it possible to create a pen that fits all gripping habits with a full-body grip, not to mention the balance of the brass metal center of gravity.

A cavity for inserting the rotary mechanism is hollowed out in the heavy brass rod, and a geometric diamond pattern is carved into it as if a craftsman were sculpting it. It was as if he was talking to an old machine that had probably been working for much longer than his age, and the way he delicately operated it in the best possible way was the pride of Japanese craftsmanship.

Designed to appeal to the senses

The gentle curve of the nib parts was carefully designed to draw the eye naturally to the nib. It was breathtaking to see the skill of the masters as they drew the drawings over and over again to give shape to PLOTTER’s own golden rule, and we were even moved by the way they carefully worked out the answer with such precision and attention to detail.

PLOTTER pens have an image of being sharp and angular, but the tip of this pen, which is only about 1.5 centimeters long, gives it the soft comfort of an analog tool. The realism of the machined angle, which has been fine-tuned so as not to cut off the line of sight to the nib, is the result of craftsmanship.

Just as when we follow the tip of the nib, where else does the eye go when writing? Yes, it is the crown of the pen, which is the opposite of the pen’s tip and is the furthest from the paper. Sight is one of the five senses that inspire creativity. The spun-hairline designs that rise in concentric circles from the center of the pen are the ultimate in simplicity, but it also represents the spirit of PLOTTER’s development.

Available in Gold, Silver, and Black

We now offer the result of this process – PLOTTER brass pen in three interesting hues: the original brass, silver coating, and matte black coating. As you use these pens, the natural oxidation creates an interesting characteristic that is representative of your creative process. As aligned with our original goal, we have designed and created a pen that will age alongside your leather ring binders.

The sight and the touch senses are activated when you use these pens. In a sense, beauty is “justice” in design. It would be wonderful if we could create a world of writing instruments that, when seen and touched, would release the dormant creativity of PLOTTERs, not to mention their desire for essential writing tools.

Draw Today Shape Tomorrow