The Story of DP Paper – Part 1

Papyrus, the origin of paper, was made on the banks of the Nile River in prehistoric times and quickly took over Egyptian culture because of its convenience. In the long history of paper, there was a time when even skins such as sheepskin were used as a material instead of papyrus, which was difficult to obtain.

As time passed, the method of making paper, which is the basis of today’s papermaking technology, unexpectedly originated in Asia. The unique papermaking techniques inherited from the continent were eventually transmitted across the Silk Road to other parts of the world.

In Japan, which had long spun its own unique culture of washi, it was finally replaced in the modern era by the paper we see before our eyes today. Of course, washi has its own merits, but we moderns are now completely fascinated by the use of washi as a tool for daily use and, above all, for writing quickly and comfortably

In today’s world filled with digital noise, we can’t help but pick up a sheet of paper and admire its simplicity and how this tool continues to be a huge part of our lives throughout history. The transition from the brush to the pen, a modern tool, is also an important factor. Humanity has even created a new tool, a notebook with rings, which matches the paper and pen exquisitely.

The more we use ring binders, the more we contemplate “What kind of paper is suitable for this heavy system organizer and its hard ring?”

Although our research does not span as long as the history of paper, we spent a lot of time answering the question in our own way, and finally, our “DP PAPER” has taken shape!

A system organizer is made of leather and has metal rings. At this point, the organizer is already heavy, but we wanted to make the paper that is inserted into the organizer as thin and light as possible! This was the starting point for the development of DP PAPER. A notebook is a tool for writing, and it is also a tool for carrying.

On the other hand, the paper’s durability must be important – the paper must be resistant to tearing even when placed between hard rings of various sizes. If we do not confront the contradictory development conditions, the result will be simply unsatisfactory for those who write on paper.

Furthermore, we must not forget about the compatibility with pens. The goal is to create a surface that glides comfortably on the nibs of fountain pens and the tips of many other types of pens. We wanted to create a multi-page paper functionality that also prevents ink from bleeding through or smearing when writing.

It took several years to bring this greedy idea to fruition. It sure gave our manufacturing team some headaches, but when the product was brought to reality, we were all proud of what we’d achieved.

The development of technology is cultivated from the wisdom and know-how of our ancestors. Paper is a single sheet of product that will survive in a world that is becoming mired in digital and virtual space. Paper is a tool that is inseparable from us human beings and will continue to remain so in the future.

… to be continued

Draw Today, Shape Tomorrow