World Map Refill – Blank Maps with Endless Possibilities

Why are these maps blank? The reason PLOTTER dares to make such a refill is because we want to challenge the senses that come from this two-dimensional view of the world. Typically, a map is filled with geographical information to help guide us in certain directions. However, when the map is blank, there are suddenly endless possibilities on how you can interpret each region. It is no longer a navigation guide but became canvases on how you want to tell a story.

PLOTTER World Map Refills are created with letterpress on thick, textured, cream-colored paper. Only the outline of the continental regions is expressed, leaving the rest up to your imagination. Designed to imitate real maps where you need to unfold to reveal the content, PLOTTER World Maps are folded into twos and thirds based on the size of the ring Leather Binder you choose to store them in.

Our craftsman meticulously crafts the metal plate that creates the impression on paper. The printing press (which is probably in operation for longer than this writer has lived), picks up each sheet and feeds it into the printing space. It’s as if two craftsmen are steadily and diligently forming the maps one by one, working in harmony. Therefore, some people say one can feel the warmth of letterpress printing. Just like leather goods, each piece has its unique expression.

Each World Map Refills comes with six maps. Combined, the six sheets form the entire world map: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Asia and North, East, South Japan, and Southeast Asia and Oceania.

How does one use blank maps? To start, perhaps you can trace the route of a past vacation in a different part of the world. Color in countries that you’ve visited in your life and write down memorable notes. You can also start planning a future itinerary that spans different cities.

You might even think outside the box and use the maps as a geographical study of your favorite food: wine, chocolates, or desserts from around the world. The world map design is also a great background for a poetry piece or a short story draft.

There are unlimited possibilities for a blank map. The lines are printed with a light gray, so it doesn’t obstruct your writing. Since creativity starts with the act of writing, we wanted to create refills that can inspire PLOTTER to make their mark in the world.

Draw today, shape tomorrow