Envision the future with PLOTTER 2023 Diary Refills

It is that time of the year again. Are you revisiting your existing system and thinking about how you want to organize your time and plans better? PLOTTER Diary Refills adds scheduling and planning functions to your ring system through its dated layout.

The Diary Refills are split into Monthly Schedules and Weekly Schedules and they are available for A5 Size, Bible Size, Narrow Size, Mini Size, and Mini 5 Size.  Although a blank page could be a playground for creativity, we also believe that the Diary Refill’s minimalistic structure can help you plan for the future.

When designing diary refills, we asked ourselves, how can PLOTTER provide the dated layout that users typically expect, but also go above and beyond with some nuance and details that make it more useful?

Flexibility to move around your planner system

First, Diary Refill is a complementary refill to your daily pages. PLOTTER Diary Refills are not bound like our refill memo pads because we want users to have the utmost flexibility on how they want to utilize the pages throughout their system. You may choose to insert just a few months’ pages at a time into your leather binder.

No wasted space or margin

Secondly, we want to maximize the use of the space. When a planner system uses ring-bound formats, there are bound to be some spaces that can’t be utilized fully, such as the inner borders by the rings. Therefore, we design the format to maximize all the margins that would’ve been wasted space.

For example, in our Monthly Schedules, the month indicators are placed in the inner corner of pages where you can see them. Our calendar boxes extend from margin to margin. Available spaces are converted into to-do boxes or checklists for the month.  

Keep track of your records in an organized manner

Numerical cues such as hourly timelines, page number, vertical monthly calendar, and week of the year are ever present on our pages. These are all important references when you are planning events or projects that span several weeks. We hope these details can be useful for you if you choose to use PLOTTER.

Immaculate craftsmanship and attention to details

PLOTTER Diary refills are made at the Designphil Nagareyama Factory. The sight of thousands of refills being printed at once at high speed is breathtaking. At first glance, it looks as if the printing is left up to the machine. However, at the end of the process, the ink adhesion and the slightest difference in color are the results of meticulous craftsmanship that requires the eye of a skilled artisan who has produced many refills.

Mix and match Monthly Schedule and Weekly Schedule pages to make the most use of your PLOTTER. Although it is meticulously designed to provide planning functions, the minimalistic style also gives you space to express your character and creativity. Envision your future with Diary Refills!

Draw today, shape tomorrow!