Expand your imagination with PLOTTER Leather Binder Mini Size

PLOTTER tools help ignite ideas for creators through their versatile function and various sizes. Since our debut in October, we’ve introduced leather binders and refills in A5 size, Bible Size, and Narrow Size. Rounding up the basic lineup of PLOTTER Leather Binders, we are excited to announce the introduction of Mini size with 6-rings.  

What is PLOTTER Mini Size?

Like its US counterparts in pocket-size ring organizers, PLOTTER’s Mini size is a compact and portable iteration of our iconic leather binders. The dimension measures 5.5” tall and 3.9” wide, small enough to fit into most pockets and small purses. It still adopts PLOTTER’s iconic 0.43” rings, which makes it slim enough to fit into even your pant pockets.

Mini-size system organizers had long been favorites among ring planner users because of their size. Planners enjoy using Mini size ring planners as a reference book because they can be taken anywhere. You can adapt it to be a scheduler or planner that you always carry with you or use as a journal or notebook for dedicated subjects. The size is like a small journal, so it’s perfect for capturing memories and ideas in a casual and accessible way.

The Mini Size is also a great complement to your existing PLOTTER tools. For example, if you are using an A5 Size PLOTTER for planning and meeting notes, the Mini Size could be a more casual idea book for brainstorming and random musings.

You can also switch it around and use the Mini Size as a portable planner/scheduler and use a Bible Size PLOTTER for writing and creative work. Mixing and matching different sizes of leather binders in your daily routine is a good way to spark creativity!

Available in Liscio, Pueblo, and Shrink Leather

PLOTTER users will be happy to learn that PLOTTER 6-Ring Mini size Leather Binders are available in all three leather types: Liscio leather, Pueblo leather, and Shrink leather. Now you can experience our iconic leather selections in a smaller form factor.

For users who enjoy taking PLOTTER outdoors, the Shrink leather is the most wear-resistant of the three types of leather and can accompany you through adventures far and wide. As for people who prefer the transformation of leather through everyday use, Liscio and Pueblo feature Italian leather that will age gracefully. The Mini-size is a relatively mobile size that will be sure to see more frequent use as you take it with you around the house or on outdoor errands.

Different ways to use Mini Size PLOTTER Leather Binders

PLOTTER enables you to expand your creativity without interruption. Just like the other sizes available, the Mini Size can be a new way for you to organize ideas and create with. Based on your goals and how you want to use this ring leather binder, you can assemble different refills to meet your needs.

Plan and schedule with Diary Refills

PLOTTER Mini Size is a compact analog companion to your phone or other digital tools. The pocket-size form factor makes it portable and easy to carry around. By adding the Monthly Schedule or Weekly Schedule Refill Memo Pads, you can quickly jot down notes and adjust different plans or new events that come up. Pair it with a Leather Penholder with Lifter to carry it around with you on appointments or to meetings.

Tasks and habit tracking with To Do List Refills

Enjoy the progress of your creative journey by listing out to-dos and tasks with PLOTTER Mini Size To Do List Refill Memo Pads. The Mini Size can be taken with you to gyms to track exercise reps, field research initiatives, and even on grocery runs as a portable shopping list. The Mini Size can keep you accountable with goals and objectives by always being by your side.

Commonplace notebook and idea keeper

Organize your ideas using Project Manager Accessory Refills and your favorite Refill Memo Pads. Mini Size PLOTTER can be used alongside any type of project such as book reading, crafting, cooking, and more activities. Utilize its accessible size to jot down notes and learnings in any setting.

Keeping a journal with Mini Size

Journaling can happen at any time, any moment. Throughout the day, a pocket-size notebook like PLOTTER Mini Size can be convenient to record your thoughts, musings, and fresh ideas. Take it with you to record the news and stories of the world around it. Organize and archive them using the Project Manager and Refill Binder while starting each chapter of your life afresh!

No matter what you chose to do with your PLOTTER Mini, we hope it will fill your days with inspiration, and motivate you to pick up a pen and start creating. Such is the power of a beautiful analog tool.

Draw Today, Shape Tomorrow