Introducing A5 Chart Grid Refill with 4mm Grid

A5 Size Chart Grid Refill Memo Pad Cover beside a sheet from the memo pad.


PLOTTER introduces a new Chart Grid Refill Memo Pad with a 4mm grid and seven rows, ideal for personalized planning and larger handwriting.

PLOTTER Refill Memo Pads are an integral part of PLOTTER’s philosophy, an intuitive paper refill that can also be used as a notebook alongside ring leather binders. Below the luxurious orange cover paper is PLOTTER’s iconic paper: DP Paper, designed for users to enjoy writing with a variety of writing instruments without feathering and bleed-through. The lightweight profile is also compatible with PLOTTER’s ring size, making it easy to hold many pages within the leather binders’ slim form factor.

Full spread of A5 Chart Grid Refill Memo Pad.

Introducing a new layout to add to PLOTTER’s existing Refill Memo Pad lineup. The new PLOTTER online exclusive “Chart Grid” is a modified version of PLOTTER’s original Chart Grid layout that was available as a Notepad previously.

The Chart Grid in A5 Size is a unique layout that makes note-taking easy to read and comprehend. The format includes separate columns for topics and details, making it easy to organize information swiftly. You can use the left column for subheadings or titles while drawing or writing detailed notes on the right section.

Close up of A5 Chart Grid Refill Memo Pad.

The new Chart Grid 80 Sheets Refill Memo Pad is now bound with DP Paper and reformatted to seven rows so that the layout can be repurposed to a date-free weekly page. Fill in your preferred start of the week (Monday or Sunday), or divide up the day into seven sections, there are endless ways to utilize the Chart Grid layout.  

Sample usage of A5 Chart Grid Refill.

Furthermore, instead of PLOTTER’s iconic 2mm Grid base, the Chart Grid Refill Memo Pad uses 4mm Grid, a unique offering amongst current lineups. Users with larger handwriting will also find the 4mm Grid to be a comfortable size. The dotted lines are printed to be subtle and light so that the layout doesn’t interfere with your writing and drawings.

Using A5 Chart Grid Refill as a habit tracker.
Using A5 Chart Grid Refill as a weekly to-do list.

Organize your thoughts with PLOTTER’s new Chart Grid Refill Memo Pad. Combine its functionality with other types of Refill Memo Pad to create a notebook system that best meets your needs.

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