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Use PLOTTER Fastener Case to Store Daily Tools

The PLOTTER Fastener Case allows you to conveniently carry your essential tools with your PLOTTER, eliminating the need for an extra bag or case. You can easily store your essential writing instruments or creative tools in your PLOTTER.

For creative individuals, it is essential to utilize a range of analog tools to bring their vision to life. With the PLOTTER Fastener Case, you can conveniently carry your preferred pencil, pen, or ruler along with your PLOTTER.

When it comes to your PLOTTER leather binders, it is key to only carry tools in your Fastener Case that you will use frequently. This will help prevent unnecessary bulk in your PLOTTER. We suggest keeping only the tools you regularly use to ensure a pleasant writing experience with your PLOTTER.

Bring all your daily analog tools with your PLOTTER using the new Fastener Case!