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Using PLOTTER Mini 5 Size as a Wallet

Some PLOTTER Leather Binder sizes are better suited for your everyday carry. The PLOTTER Mini 5 Size is the smallest PLOTTER Leather Binder in our line-up, making it both pocketable and functional! Let’s see how you can set up your PLOTTER Mini 5 as your wallet.

The new PLOTTER Fastener Case can transform your PLOTTER Mini 5 into a wallet, allowing you to securely carry loose change, cards, or cash. You don’t need to worry about losing your items because the zipper closure will keep everything in place.

Carrying cards, such as credit or debit cards, in your PLOTTER Mini 5 is convenient, especially when using the PLOTTER Leather Card Case. With this Fastener Case, you can carry your essential cards, transit cards, as well as any rewards or loyalty cards that you frequently use.

We hope that you enjoy using your PLOTTER Mini 5 as a wallet.