PLOTTER 5th Anniversary – A Celebration of Creative Analog Tools

PLOTTER, a brand for creation that was born in September 2017, is officially celebrating its fifth anniversary in 2022. Since its creation, PLOTTER had been working non-stop to spread its mission to help creatives work effectively with tools that inspire them across Japan. Ring planners known as “System Techo”, or “System Organizers” today no longer are bound by the framework of organizers as a business tool. Users had been expanding the use of ring-leather binders to a variety of ways to enjoy their lives, hobbies, and creative endeavors.

Two years before the establishment of PLOTTER, our quest revolves around developing tools and products that can support notebook users in the modern world—inspiring their creativity and building the habit of using system organizers as a culture. Our solution to this quest is PLOTTER, an ultra-thin leather ring binder paired with a notebook-like refill memo pad.

Writing, drawing, creating, editing, and so on…all creative activities are inseparable for us as human beings. Just like a blank canvas, the tools that support these activities must be as simple as possible to allow users to fully express their originality and inspiration. With that thought in mind, all PLOTTER provided was that simple starting point. We leave it to the users to decide how they want to paint on the canvas. Everyone can enjoy their unique ways of “how to use” a PLOTTER. It’s been five years, and we continue to believe in this resolve.

Celebrating PLOTTER’s 5th Anniversary on PLOTTERUSA.COM

In October 2021, PLOTTER USA is officially launched for USA and Canada customers to also enjoy this beautiful system. It is with great joy that we join in on the celebration of the 5th anniversary and will be bringing new Limited Edition creative tools to the US online store.

To commemorate the 5th anniversary of PLOTTER, we will be introducing 5 limited edition creative tools that can stimulate the users’ creativity and analog life.

Official launch and shipping date: October 6th

5 Limited Edition creative tools to stimulate creativity

Limited Edition Binder

The 5th Anniversary Limited Edition leather binder in Bible Size is PLOTTER’s first-ever embossed binder. A commemorative message written in calligraphy is impressed into the surface of a new Liscio “Green” color leather cover.

Liscio leather is one of our flagship oil-smoothed leathers that are paired with a rose gold backplate. It uses the rare cow shoulder part while preserving and showcasing the original expression of leather. Each leather binder has a unique look. One of the main characteristics lies in the evidence of craftsmanship on the underside of the leather—meticulously shaved marks to create a smooth and even piece. The earthy green color is inspired by the story of leather aging. The smooth surface of oil-smoothed Italian leather will patina gently alongside your creative journey.

Two types of Refill Memo Pads

Two new types of Refill Memo Pads are introduced to celebrate PLOTTER’s 5th Anniversary. The design ethos is inspired by the energy and warmth of PLOTTER’s iconic orange color. The vibrant pop of orange color in your PLOTTER Leather Binder is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

5mm Grid Refill Memo Pad in Bible Size. The orange border trim makes the page stand out when the binder is closed.

5mm Grid Refill Memo Pad in Card Size in orange paper. This can be used for important references, notes, and idea memos.

5 New Project Manager Colors

Complementing the existing six colors, the Limited-Edition Project Manager boasts five new modern classic colors.

Used primarily in educational settings, the bright Yellow color is an optimistic and positive color that fosters creativity. Camel is a gentle color like the lush wheat field that represents “fertility and wealth”. Its neutral tone is a modern color that is great for all occasions. Malachite green, with its sacred ancient glow, is a luxurious color that fits any leather style and blends antiquity with modernity. Indigo blue, a color that fascinates people for thousands of years, has not lost its presence in the modern age. The soothing color helps calm and focus the mind of those who look at it. Lastly, just as plain concrete attracts many designers and architects, the modern gray color is not flashy but the foundation of many creations. We hope these five colors can inspire and awaken the creativity of PLOTTERs.

Letterpress Paper Dividers

Newly created Letterpress Paper Dividers for PLOTTER. Created with the monotone theme of grays and browns, five unique designs are letterpress-printed on stiff card stock in Bible Size. The universality of this muted tone for any user is what we aim to achieve. The subtle brown ink is reminiscent of earth, the source of all cycles in nature, including leather, which is PLOTTER’s iconic material.

Paper Dividers act as a thinner counterpart to Lifters and are convenient for sorting and searching important pages in your PLOTTER ring-leather binders.

Bridle Leather Page Finder

Limited Edition Bridle Leather Page Finders uses the same Bridle Leather for Mini 5 Size leather binders. Each piece is engraved with PLOTTER’s five core concepts. Bridle Leather in brown is the special color introduced for this Limited Edition product.

PLOTTER 5th Anniversary Collection

Special PLOTTER Backplate Charm

**10/5 Update: PLOTTER Backplate Charms are no longer available

As a special bonus gift for users who join us in this celebration of the PLOTTER 5th Anniversary, we will be gifting a special PLOTTER Backplate charm with a leather strap. The original concept of PLOTTER includes the simple structure of a piece of leather, mini ring hardware, and an original brass backplate. This jotter-sized backplate in rose gold color is the same as the backplate on your PLOTTER leather binder. It is strung on a leather strap that can be used as a necklace, bag accessory, or charm.  

This bonus gift will be available for qualifying orders on a first come first served basis, 1 pcs per order, while supplies last. Qualifying orders need to satisfy one of the below two criteria.

  • Orders containing a PLOTTER Limited Edition Liscio Green Bible Size ring-leather binder
  • Orders over USD 200 (excluding shipping) that contain any 5th Anniversary items

We hope you enjoy this special collection and that it will inspire you to create something today.

Draw today, shape tomorrow!