PLOTTER at California Pen Show 2023

From February 10 – 11, 2023, PLOTTER exhibited at the inaugural California Pen Show. It was a whirlwind of activity and creativity as pen enthusiasts meet PLOTTER for the first time. At a pen show, users celebrate the activity of handwriting, an essential core of PLOTTER’s mission and meaning. We all came away from the pen show feeling invigorated to put pen to paper for our new ideas.

Vendors setting up on day 1 of California Pen Show
We brought one of each size of PLOTTER in all leather types.
Try our PLOTTER brass pens and mechanical pencils!

Unlike at other pen shows, PLOTTER only brought a simple and minimalistic display at California Pen Show. However, this seems to shorten the distance between our products and customers and opened up more space for conversation with fans and new users. Aside from some event-limited foil-stamping Notepads, we also displayed our special 5th Anniversary Refill Memo Pads and Accessory Refills.

At pen shows, you can see all the color swatches of all Leather Binder variations.

At the California Pen Show, pen lovers can walk up to the PLOTTER booth and flip through any of the leather binders laying on the table. Each leather binder opens up to inspiration and different ways to use our variety of PLOTTER refill types. Customers can also take their time deciding between the different sizes and decide which works best for them.

PLOTTER Leather binders can be a system for creativity, journaling, or planning.

Of course, pen enthusiasts must not overlook the capability of paper to hold ink, which is a strength of PLOTTER’s Refill Memo Pads made with DP paper. It is thin but durable and carries the sheen and characteristics of inks beautifully.

We were pleased to meet PLOTTERs who are already enjoying PLOTTER leather binders and other products. What would you be interested in seeing from PLOTTER USA in future shows?

We look forward to meeting you at future events for the rest of this year. See you soon in May at Chicago Pen Show 2023!

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