PLOTTER meets PLOTTERs at Pen Shows 2022

PLOTTER, at its core, begins with the human drive to create and shape the future. We emphasize the importance of handwriting and feeling the inspiration that arose from the tactile process of putting pen to paper. Without the user’s intention, PLOTTER is just another ring leather binder. Therefore, it was important for us to meet the users, PLOTTERs, whom we defined to be people with the imagination to shape the future.

This August, we began our trip to meet PLOTTERs by traveling to Washington DC to attend the annual gathering of analog lovers – DC Fountain Pen Super Show. Then we returned to San Francisco at the end of August to exhibit at SF International Pen Show.

Throughout the events, we witness the passion and intrigue that people have for analog in the digital age. After all, what could beat the warmth of writing and the imagination people could have, inspired by an empty page?

DC Pen Show 2022 – the largest gathering of analog users on the East Coast

The pen show venue is located on the outskirts of DC, at an old-school hotel that boasts a giant ballroom to house pen and paper enthusiasts for four days. The room was lined with rows of tables for vendors, which spills out into the hallways and the lower level. When the event is in full swing, customers weave through shelves of ink bottles, and trays of writing instruments. They may eventually encounter our display of ring leather binders and PLOTTER tools.

To help users understand the different expressions of leather, we displayed samples of all PLOTTER ring leather binder sizes and leather types. Leather is a natural material with individual characteristics and stories of its own, which is why PLOTTER Leather Binders are all one-of-a-kind. The samples are just a glimpse into the unique journey you could take on with a Leather Binder of your own.

We revealed a series of Event Limited Refill Memo Pads during our pen show exhibition this year. In this series, we experimented with layouts such as Music Paper for musicians, Manuscript Paper for Japanese or Chinese writing, Letterpress printed ruled paper with MD Cotton, and more. These were well received by PLOTTER users who enjoy using the A5 and Bible-size leather binders.

Our paper globes can stand on its own! Expand your imagination with a blank globe you can make marks on.

SF Pen Show 2022 – A festival of stationery enthusiasts on the West Coast

On the last weekend of August, we returned to San Francisco Pen Show where we first debuted PLOTTER USA last year. Our tables are in the sunshine-filled foyer connected to the main ballroom. It was a relief to see many familiar faces who returned to our booth to experience PLOTTER again.

This time, we expanded our offering to include the Limited-Edition Refill Memo Pads, top grain roll pen cases, and the newly introduced Mini Size and Mini 5 Size PLOTTER.

We also invited the executive producer of PLOTTER, Takayuki Saito, from Japan to participate in a special Leather Binder Customization event. Customers can choose from 6 limited edition leather types and colors to create their one-of-a-kind ring leather binder. They can also view the assembly of the binders in real-time when they pick up their orders.

You can select your own PLOTTER backplate and ring hardware to match the leather color you chose.

On the second day of the event, we hosted a special free seminar for attendees who want to learn more about “System Techo”, the systematic notebook method that led to the creation of PLOTTER. Together, we delved into the history of how ring-bound notebooks came about, and why PLOTTER was created to solve the problems that users have had for years.

Pen Show Favorites and Recommendations

What are people’s favorite PLOTTER analog tools? Of course, the Event Limited Refill Memo Pads are one of the most popular items. The Letterpress Paper in Bible Size saw overwhelming support—the delicate imprint of 6mm rule layout on MD Cotton paper is a popular choice by fountain pen enthusiasts.

We also see a lot of users choose the Weekly and Monthly Schedule Refills for their A5 Size PLOTTER ring leather binders. The colorful Project Managers for A5 Size are also popular among users. These are great tools to add dated structure to your PLOTTER for project planning, goal setting, and more.

The popularity of the Mini 5 Size PLOTTER has not subsided since our introduction to them earlier this year. They are portable and convenient organizers that you can always bring with you while serving as a wallet with the popular Leather Card Holder accessory refill. The Pueblo leather series of Mini 5 is the most popular because of the appeal of dynamic leather changes that you can experience.

Inspiring ideas through conversations with PLOTTERS

Inventions and discoveries always stem from the encountering of ideas with each other. It was very inspiring to see PLOTTERs come together at events like the pen show to generate conversations, feedback, and new ideas. We are also taking into consideration many suggestions and ideas from users in the field to develop new products in the future.  

Just by flipping through each other’s PLOTTERs, we can envision how we want to do things differently for our creative process. We hope that this degree of conversation and engagement continues to blossom between users who enjoy PLOTTER. We also hope for more opportunities to meet PLOTTERs in person in the future.

Draw today, shape tomorrow.