PLOTTER Square and Mini 5 Square Refill Memo Pads

When you find yourself reaching a block or at a crossroads in your thought, why not think outside the box? This is how the square size Refill Memo Pads are born. Originally designed to fulfill a whim of creating a square leather binder to hold more writing space, these Refill Memo Pads can be a creative solution for existing Bible Size and Mini 5 Size users. The square dimension allows you to take more notes and fold them neatly to fit inside the matching leather binders.

This winter, we will be selling a limited amount of Refill Memo Pads in square dimensions. We hope it can test the boundaries of your imagination and creativity.

2mm Grid Refill Memo Pad Square Size

The 2mm Grid Refill Memo Pad in Square Size shares the same height as a Bible Size refill and comes with a matching width. You can use the refill memo pad on its own to freely take notes and do long-form writing.

When you are ready to archive and store the pages you need, each page comes with a folding line guide that instantly converts it into Bible Size. You can neatly store every expandable page inside the Bible Size Leather Binders.

The Refill Memo Pad is made with DP Paper, a thin, sturdy, and tear-resistant page that offers a smooth writing experience without feathering and bleed-through.

2mm Grid Refill Memo Pad Mini 5 Square Size

The Mini 5 Size Leather Binder is a portable solution for creatives who want a reliable pocket notebook on the go. The 2mm Grid Mini 5 Square Refill Memo Pad is a great refill alternative that gives you slightly more room for notes. Each page includes a line folding guide that instantly converts the page to suit the Mini 5 Size Leather Binders.

This winter season, enjoy the comfort of reflection and writing with PLOTTER Refill Memo Pads. We think the new square dimension is bound to give you a fresh perspective.