• The pride of Japanese tannery technology

    A unique vegetable tanning technique that is developed by a long-established tannery in Himeji, an area known for its leather craftsmanship. The wax soaked into the full vegetable tanned base leather makes the leather robust and gives it a texture that will age well for a long time.

  • The solid texture of smooth leather

    The white wax floating on the surface is called “bloom” in technical terms. This is the proof of bridle leather. As the leather is used, the bloom gradually recedes, and the leather takes on a beautiful glossy appearance. The durability of the leather is also improved by the wax. The wax is relatively quiet in the summer and comes out again in the winter.

  • Matte silver backplate with bold pastel leather

    The bridle leather, which looks as if it has been veiled in vivid-colored base leather, is a shade that changes as it is used and will never get old. To complement the colorful leather, we selected a muted matte silver backplate for these ring leather binders.