The Joy of PLOTTER, a System Techo to Start the Year

As the new year rolls around, this is the time when many people set goals and intentions for their careers, personal projects, or creative endeavors. PLOTTER offers an easy-to-organize method for you to get started. It retains the basic function of a ring-binder system but also redefines the traditional look of a “system techo” to offer more portability and product sensibility. The superior leather quality makes you want to carry it with you at all times and enjoy its transformation as it ages.

Whether you are new to journaling or have used a ring binder before, the concept of “system techo”  or “system planning” may be new to you. The word “techo” derives from the Japanese word “techo (手帳)” which means a planner or notebook system at your hand that helps you stay organized. A system techo is a method of organizing various types of refills and paper types in a ring-binder system. The flexibility to remove and replenish pages wherever and whenever you want is one of its greatest appeals.  

The benefits of a simple setup

Ring binders typically serve the purpose of a catch-all with pockets, buckles, and larger rings to encompass many pages one would add to their notebook. Although there are pros to having everything you need in one place, the weight and bulk may hinder the ring binder’s portability.

PLOTTER breaks the mold by offering a much simpler look: a single piece of full-grain leather folded in half, adorned by a classy brass backplate and 11mm (0.4 in) ring hardware. Its capacity limit allows the user to reconsider pages that are truly essential to the effectiveness of their goals. Carry just what you need and eliminate unnecessary pages, a mentality just like how we should approach daily problems and projects.

The simple and slim setup of a PLOTTER also allows you to look back and reflect on pages that you want to keep or remove for a later date. The cycle of re-use and re-igniting ideas through the flow of pages in and out of the system techo is the key to PLOTTER.

The joy of customization

PLOTTER is a system notebook that can have many uses. Users derive joy from customizing the layout they desire and figuring out how they can apply the functionality of PLOTTER to their daily life and goals. By adding dated Diary Refills like the Monthly Schedule or Weekly Schedule, PLOTTER can be transformed into a pocket scheduler that helps you keep track of important events and dates.

Creatives or writers working on multiple drafts or designs enjoy utilizing Refill Memo Pads in 2mm Grid or 5mm Dot Grid. The 6mm Ruled layout of the Refill Memo Pad may seem simple at first glance but look closer and you’ll find that the lines are dotted so you can easily add vertical lines to divide up the page for more effective notetaking.

Business people prefer the Narrow Size dimension in which the PLOTTER can be easily slipped into their coat pockets, while some carry the Mini Size in their tote or purse for simple errands.

The appeal of starting with a fresh page, all the time

A system like PLOTTER is very forgiving for creators looking for that special spark as they tear through pages and pages of a notebook. One’s inspiration is unbound and unlimited by the capacity of the leather binder. PLOTTER Refill Memo Pads are designed not as scattered loose sheets, but as a notepad that can be torn off as needed, ensuring that each blank page invites you to a fresh start.

You can also utilize Project Managers to organize and securely store different ideas and topics. This allows multiple threads of your thoughts to live harmoniously in one book. Some can be archived once it is completed, while others wait for the opportunity to re-ignite new ideas.

Leather aging as evidence of your growth

The best part of using a PLOTTER is enjoying the way the leather binder mold to the shape of your hands as you use it every day. Whether it is the more pronounced ring mark or a specific spot that is glossy with daily friction, the more you utilize the leather binder, the more it grows supple with patina. No matter how long an idea takes to grow from zero to fruition, take comfort in that your PLOTTER will sit reliably by your side, accumulating the marks of your journey.

Draw Today, Shape Tomorrow