• Hybrid processing of scratch-resistant tanning and embossing

    Shrink is developed using North American leather and tanned locally in Japan at Himeji, an area known for its expert leather craftsmanship. To create a natural look while minimizing the scratches, wrinkles, and creases of each leather, a calculated ratio of tannins and chrome is used to create a uniform texture. In addition, the leather is heat-pressed with elegant shrink embossing which tightens up the material so it is light and durable. The vibrant finish of the leather is contrasted by antique gold back plate and silver rings.

  • Stone-polished authentic leather with varying color choices

    The small shrink embossing is finished with a stone polishing process, which is rarely seen nowadays, to create a natural and soft luster. The unique characteristics of the original leather come out gradually with use. The Shrink leather is complemented by silver rings and antique gold backplate.

  • Expert craftsmanship in the flexible spine

    The spine of the book is strained and shaved meticulously to make it easy to open and close. Since the leather is genuine, the density of the transition varies depending on parts of the leather. The thickness of the leather can vary from piece to piece because the craftsmen are making the products one by one according to the condition of the leather. Please enjoy it as the unique character of genuine leather.