Spread the Cheer of Creativity – a PLOTTER Holiday Gift Guide

As leaves fall to the ground and the season changes color in the Northern Hemisphere, PLOTTER USA welcomes the beginning of the holiday season. Now is a good time to reflect on your creative endeavors this year, whether it is wrapping up projects or starting a new one for the new year. As the cooling weather encourages more people to stay indoors, we may also start reflecting internally about our thoughts and new ideas. What better way to nurture those ideas than starting with a page in your PLOTTER? Start by writing and enjoy the warmth of this analog creative process.

This is also the season to be thankful to your community, friends, or families that had supported you on your creative projects throughout the year. If you are thinking about a good gift that can share the spark of creativity—we recommend gifting the gift of PLOTTER.

PLOTTER is a simple piece of high-quality leather bound together with a minimalistic but effective method. It is an elegant tool to record your thoughts and bring them on the go. It is a great gift for friends and family with creative projects or starting a new career. The ease of organization makes it a preferred choice for professionals in managing many tasks and projects. In addition, this winter, we are introducing a few other limited-time items that are bound to inspire your creativity.

Limited Edition Notepads with Foil Stamping

The Notepad is a part of the core lineup of PLOTTER analog tools – a luxurious notepad with removable pre-punched pages for PLOTTER leather binders in A5 Size. These are made with MD Paper that guarantees a smooth writing experience. It also comes with a firm hardcover that allows you to carry it around with ease and store it upright like a notebook. The edges are gilded with copper foiling to recreate the traditional looks of old archives.

For a limited time, we are introducing 12 Notepads with Foil Stamping Designs, with three new additions of special layouts: Isometric, Chart Grid, and Croquis to the original lineup of 2mm Grid, 6mm Ruled, and 4mm Dot Grid.

The Isometric layout was first introduced in our A4 Size Refill Memo Pad collection. The angles of the lines make it easy to draw three-dimensional drawings and mind maps.

Chart Grid is a layout that breaks the page into columns and rows. This format is useful to help users organize and retain information quickly, especially when taking notes.

Croquis is made with special drawing paper by Maruman – it has a slightly rough texture that is perfect for drawing and sketching. You can enjoy the tactile writing experience with different pens and tools.

The limited-edition foil-stamped design features two main themes: Map and Calligraphy. The world map design is inspired by our vision of PLOTTERs sharing their creativity around the world. The calligraphy design is a reminder of the core of PLOTTER – the act of writing. Each letter is a foundation for the next masterpiece PLOTTERs create. As we always say “Draw Today, Shape Tomorrow”, we hope that users who utilize these Notepads can be inspired to forge their own path.

Both designs are foil-stamped in six different colors: Copper (2mm Grid), Platinum (6mm Ruled), Matte Gold (4mm Dot Grid), Black (Chart Grid), Silver (Croquis), and Gold (Isometric).

Limited Edition Foil Stamping Notepads are available from 10/31 until 1/4, while supplies last.

Explore the world from your desk with PLOTTER Globe

PLOTTER Globe is a blank globe that encourages creativity through looking, touching, and writing. Although a typical globe is filled with information, why can’t we make it our own by drafting our personal routes and stories with a blank globe? We introduced PLOTTER Globe last year in three color variations: white, cream, and gray.

They are designed to stand on their own on an axis to mimic the tilt of the Earth. The exterior is made with the same paper as the Project Manager which encourages you to make your own mark.

This holiday season, we are gifting a free original Pin Sticker for every Globe. You can use it on its own or store it inside a Mini Size PLOTTER 6-ring Leather Binder. You can also use it to mark a space on your notes. As people begin to travel and explore the world once again, we are excited to see which part of the Earth will mark your adventure.

Mesh Cases for storing your favorite tools

PLOTTER Mesh Cases are designed with the user in mind. It’s a durable pouch that helps you find a degree of organization in your busy day. The transparent mesh exterior allows you to see important accessories or tools at a glance, while a hidden back pocket hides more important information. This makes for a great gift for recipients of all ages.

PLOTTER Original Pen Sheath

A simple leather pen sheath that holds your favorite writing tools securely. We took extra pieces of PLOTTER’s iconic leather choices: Pueblo, Shrink, and Bridle to create a minimalistic pen sheath that can store your PLOTTER pens and mechanical pencils.

Throughout November and December, while supplies last, we will be including a complimentary pen sheath if your order contains both Leather Binder and a PLOTTER pen (pen or mechanical pencil), one per order. We hope you enjoy this small gift for the holidays.

PLOTTER Sticker Sheet and Free Gift Wrapping

For this holiday season, we designed a PLOTTER Sticker Sheet with the motifs of our PLOTTER Logos. Although the sheet is in the format of an A5 Size page, you can use it on its own or store it inside your A5 Size Leather Binders. This sticker sheet will be included for free in any order over $100 (excluding tax and shipping), while supplies last.

If you are gifting a PLOTTER to a friend, we are offering free gift-wrapping service upon request for Leather Binders, Globe, and PLOTTER Pens (mechanical pencil included) throughout November and December. You can request gift wrapping in the checkout note section when purchasing PLOTTER items.

We wish all PLOTTERs warmth and happiness for the holidays!

Draw today, shape tomorrow.