Why PLOTTER Leather Products?

At the core of PLOTTER analog tools is the leather binder—a simple but intuitive design of an entire piece of leather anchored by PLOTTER original backplate, with the purpose to hold your valuable thoughts and ideas. Although the form seems simple, we expend extraordinary effort on every single detail, including the leather itself.

Why do we choose leather as the material for our iconic item? Where do these leathers come from and how are they special? What is the craftsmanship that goes into creating each leather binder, and why are they important? As we answer those questions, we also invite you to learn about the current leather types we offer in our lineup today.

Liscio Leather: Oil-smoothed Italian Luxury

Pueblo Leather: Rustic beauty with dynamic aging

Shrink Leather: Pebble-embossed elegance for any occasion

Why PLOTTER uses leather?

Today, we see the emergence of plant-based meat or other meat alternatives as a response to animal welfare protests or the concern that the livestock industry is indirectly causing global warming with greenhouse gas emissions. It’s easy to lump the leather industry as one of the culprits as well and thus argue that leather products are not sustainable.

Genuine leather has been a part of human life since ancient times when people not only consume meat but also optimize all the by-products to sustain the quality of life. We are aware of this fact, which is why we are committed to sourcing only leather from parts of the industry that acquires leather as a by-product of meat processing factories—not letting any bit of necessary animal agriculture go to waste.

The same concept applies to the tanning process, where vegetable tannin is preferred over chrome and other chemicals. The ingredients are extracted from surplus wood used in manufacturing furniture and paper, utilizing natural materials without any waste.

The concept of “only what is necessary” as the appropriate amount to consume is of great importance to us. In the process of creating and designing PLOTTER products, we frequently ask ourselves of all the components: “Is it really necessary?” and “how can this be a meaningful contribution to society?”

PLOTTER leather products are not made blindly. The items are simple and essential and are designed to support the user’s creativity. We employ and contribute to craftspeople who hone their skills to make a living and pass down legacies. The leather we source comes from by-products of livestock that would otherwise be discarded. As we hold PLOTTER leather binder in our hands, we think of the many hands that help create it, and how it will help the users move towards positive change in their own lives. Therefore, we proudly stand by our leather products.

Feeling the emotions from leather

“There’s just something nice about leather, isn’t there?”

We often hear this from people who hold genuine leather products in their hands. Through the five senses of experiencing leather: the smell, the texture, the color…it is a feeling that is subconsciously evoked when we touch leather. There are always some stories behind leather products.

Why do we like leather goods and why do we want to own them? It is because there is some sense of “romance” that accompanies leather goods. The more time you spend with it, the more the leather’s texture, such as its depth and luster, will grow. Especially, our vegetable-tanned leathers such as Liscio and Pueblo (tanned using the Italian Vachetta method) will age most beautifully.

PLOTTER leather goods take on the mark of the user’s life journey and reflect your growth. It’s a notebook that will live and breathe with you over time.

The craftsmanship that sets PLOTTER leather binders apart from others

Isn’t it just a piece of leather folded in half with rings in it? It’s not as simple as it sounds. To achieve the flexibility of being able to open the leather binder more than 180 degrees, our craftsman meticulously carves the spine of the leather to just the right thickness. Deviate a few millimeters, the leather would not be strong enough to hold the backplate or could tear easily. Too thick, the slim profile, and the ease of use when lying flat will be compromised. All the details are measured and experimented with to come up with the final product: PLOTTER ring leather binders that will last a long time.

There are many reasons why you might be enamored with PLOTTER leather goods. We believe that not just the stories behind creating it, but also the stories that come from you using it, is what makes PLOTTER leather goods appealing.

We will continue to be obsessed with creating beautiful and functional leather tools for PLOTTERs.