Welcome to the second installment of PLOTTER YOUR WAY, a series of blog posts that aims to showcase the endless possibilities of PLOTTER and how it can be used to enhance your daily life. From planning to design, organization to personal growth, PLOTTER can be your go-to tool for a productive and fulfilling life.

The search for the ideal wallet can be tough, but with PLOTTER Leather Binders, you can have a wallet that integrates into your main productivity or planning system. In this installment, we’ll focus on how easy it is to use PLOTTER as a wallet.

Carrying your Planner with Your Wallet

Imagine the convenience of having your wallet and planner combined in one system. PLOTTER Leather Binders provide an ideal solution for those who value organization and efficiency. By utilizing PLOTTER’s smaller sizes like the Mini and Mini 5, you can streamline your everyday carry and eliminate the need for a separate wallet and planner.

PLOTTER Diary Refills allow you to fit a weekly or monthly calendar in your PLOTTER Mini and a monthly calendar in your PLOTTER Mini 5. This becomes increasingly handy when using your PLOTTER Mini or Mini 5 size as a wallet because you can keep track of your events and tasks in your wallet, a feature that is uncommon with other wallets. For added functionality, you can use the To-Do List Refills to organize your shopping list or errands for the day.

Using Different Lifters to Add Functionality to Your PLOTTER Wallet

The allure of PLOTTER lies in its versatility. With the ability to customize and add accessory refills, you can organize your PLOTTER to become a multi-functional wallet. Lifters are an easy way to transform your PLOTTER into an ideal wallet.

With the PLOTTER Mini, you can use Lifters to create dividers within your PLOTTER. This enables you to separate your paper refills from the rest of your wallet. You can also utilize The Leather Penholder with Lifter to conveniently carry a pen for quick note-taking or adjustments to your grocery list while on the go. Additionally, the Band with Lifter can help keep your PLOTTER secure by ensuring it remains closed when not in use, thanks to the elastic closure.

Fastener Case for Loose Change and Everyday Tools

Are you tired of rummaging through your pockets for loose change or cash? The new PLOTTER Fastener Cases are a great solution for consolidating the loose items in your pocket and transforming your PLOTTER Mini or Mini 5 into a wallet.

The two zippered compartments in the Fastener Case allow you to securely carry loose change, cards, or cash in your PLOTTER. The Fastener Cases are also conveniently translucent, allowing you to see what is in your Fastener Case at all times.

The PLOTTER Fastener Case has been designed to maximize storage space for its users, allowing you to fit contents from edge to edge of the Fastener Case. If you require a wallet that allows for more room, you can utilize a larger PLOTTER Leather Binder, like the Narrow Size. The PLOTTER Narrow Size is slim and compact, and when coupled with a Fastener case can hold regular-sized bills without having to worry about folding them to fit.

Leather Card Case for Cards Mini 5

Those who prefer a smaller or more minimalist wallet can consider the PLOTTER Mini 5 size. The PLOTTER Mini 5 can hold refills and accessories about the same size as your standard payment cards or business cards. When coupled with the PLOTTER Leather Card Case, the PLOTTER Mini 5 size becomes an ideal wallet for those who tend to carry more cards than cash.

The Leather Card Case was specially designed to fit the PLOTTER Mini 5 and it allows you to carry your essential cards with your PLOTTER at all times. Due to its flexible leather construction, you can fit multiple cards in the card case, which will patina over time. With its sleek design and high-quality leather, the Leather Card Case is not only functional but also adds a touch of sophistication to your everyday carry.

In conclusion, PLOTTER leather binders offer a unique and elegant solution for those who seek to merge their wallet and planner into one cohesive system. With the Mini and Mini 5 sizes, you can embrace the convenience of having your planner and wallet in one place, without compromising on style or function. Say goodbye to bulky wallets and hello to the seamless integration of functionality and aesthetics with PLOTTER.

Stay tuned for more article posts in the PLOTTER YOUR WAY series, where we’ll explore the endless possibilities of your PLOTTER and how it can be used to enhance your daily life.

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